Winter Park Ski Resort, Grand County, Colorado


While Winter Park may be known for its ski resort and snow activities, there are a host of other ways you can take advantage of the scenic landscape of the area. A great way to enjoy the setting of Winter Park is to attend a concert or music festival outdoors. One of the best music venues in Winter Park is Hideaway Park and Concert Venue. It offers a diverse range of music events in an unrivaled setting. Hideaway Park was designed with the landscape of the locale in mind, allowing the venue to truly highlight the scenery and complement the natural features found in the area.

Facilities and resources available within Hideaway Park include an amphitheater, playgrounds, picnic spots, event spaces, and a state-of-the-art concert venue. These amenities make Hideaway Park an ideal location to include the whole family in fun, outdoor activities. Hideaway Park is a great draw to the area, drawing tourists to visit and providing a great local destination for residents.

Live music festivals in Winter Park, Colorado are a great way to enjoy the Rocky Mountains with the whole family.

Great for All Ages and Abilities

One great benefit of a concert or music festival is that they can be appropriate for people of all ages and abilities. From adults and teens, to young children and seniors, the variety of events and music genres featured ensure that there is something for everyone. While many outdoor activities require some athletic skills or physical endurance, music festivals can be low-intensity, making them perfect for families with young children or older adults. With so many options, you are bound to find the perfect music event for whatever vibe you are looking for.

Iconic Annual Summer Jazz Festival

While there are a number of summer festivals hosted at Hideaway Park, one of the most iconic is the Winter Park Jazz Festival. This event has been a summer staple for both residents and visitors of Winter Park for over thirty years. Each year, talented jazz artists perform in the Hideaway Park amphitheater for a weekend of great music and entertainment. This beloved festival routinely draws diverse audiences to the event, demonstrating what Winter Park has to offer to residents and visitors alike. This event should not be missed, and captures the spirit of the outdoor music scene in Winter Park.

Music Festivals for All Tastes

The annual Jazz Festival is just one example of the wealth of events patrons can attend in the area. There are a variety of music genres and styles featured in the many outdoor music events held during the summer in Winter Park. In addition to the Jazz Festival, some other highly anticipated music events in Winter Park include High Note Thursdays at Hideaway, the Switchback Music Festival, Blues from the Top, and Music on the Square at Cooper Creek. High Note Thursdays are a weekly music performances in the evenings at Hideaway Park. These performances feature a mix of music styles and genres and encourage audiences to bring food and drinks to enjoy this event hosted on Hideaway’s state-of-the-art stage. The Switchback Music Festival is a new event that combines performances by well-known musicians and singers with debuts of up and coming artists. Blues from the Top is a two-day, all-day event presented by the Grand County Blues Society at Hideaway Park featuring a packed lineup of Blues performances. Hideaway Park is not the only place to enjoy music outdoors in Winter Park, Music on the Square at Cooper Creek features live music by the fountain in the square by a range of artists, including local musicians.

Something for Every Budget

While some festivals are ticketed events, there are also a variety of free local concerts patrons can attend. Additionally, with picnic areas as well as food vendors, audiences can enjoy outdoor entertainment at any price point. You do not have to plan an elaborate trip or spend a fortune to enjoy the many benefits of Hideaway Park or the Winter Park area. Support local artists and Colorado talent and catch a performance by a Winter Park resident!

Did We Mention the Scenery?

Beautiful Winter Park, Colorado landscape provides an incredible backdrop for live music concerts throughout the summer.

There is no better way to appreciate the beautiful natural spaces of Winter Park than enjoying the outdoors. Music events allow you to sit back, relax, and really take in your surroundings. Other activities require you to devote your attention elsewhere, but music events allow you to enjoy the visual experience of the locale while you listen. Hideaway Park, particularly, is designed to enhance this experience and complement its surrounding rather than detract. This venue is a unique space that is a true destination within Winter Park, continually drawing great acts to their stage.

Come Check out Winter Park!

Whether you’re a seasoned Winter Park resident, or a first-time visitor, music events and festivals are a must-do when you’re in the area. In addition to the picturesque scenery of Winter Park, Hideaway Park offers a unique venue and destination for concert and park-goers. These popular events draw individuals to the area and highlight the location as a mecca for cultural events, as well as outdoor activities and sports.

With so much to appreciate in the area, visitors are quick to plan a trip to Winter Park. These features and perks of the area only help to build real estate value and mark Winter Park as a highly coveted place to own property. Whether you’re looking to move here, or open a business supported by the popularity of tourism, Winter Park is a great place to invest in real estate. From first time visitors to residents who have lived in the area all their lives, everyone can enjoy a music event in Winter Park.

Contact us and plan a visit today to see one of the great music festivals, local concerts, or just to enjoy the area and talk about some of the great real estate properties available!